Our mission is to activate your senses and experience a life rich of sense. The essence of senseyukti is mindfulness through the development of the feeling mind towards the somatic approach.

senseyukti offers a toolbox to cultivate compassion fundamentals to all life experiences. yukti means to appoint, to join and restore the connection between the mind and the body including the heart; this harmonious link that awakens the well-being and the full potential.

senseyukti experience is a blend of sound disciplines and rich ancestral traditions applied to modern life, where you are advised and guided towards optimal health at all times. The regular practice of senseyukti disciplines leads to a state of presence, attention, calm in chaos along with a deep peace where body, mind and heart cohabit in harmony. senseyukti is a lifestyle where well-being and the art of attention provide the required balance for each individual to feel free.

"There are people who make a difference and Nathalie is one of them. She was able to guide me in the wellbeing approach, which greatly improved my life. "

Marleen Beaulieu

"I have never been around someone who knew how to combine nature, body and spirit as much as Nathalie. Her approach aims to integrate Mindfulness in many aspects of everyday life."

Jean-Pascal De La France

"Nathalie and her teachings were one of the best things that happened to me, I became a best friend to my body, mind and heart."

Andréanne Sasseville

“Nathalie's teaching energizes us and allows us to fully and consciously appreciate each moment. It's a huge gift and a great toolbox.“

Lyne Desrochers

Nathalie Salvas has been a compassionate global health and well-being counselor since 2003. She is a cranial sacral biodynamic practitioner and mindfulness yoga & somatic meditation expert. Graceful and inspired, Nathalie possesses a transcendent and abyssal touch help surface body traumas and allows healing to occur. Holding a B.A in biology, she provides anatomy and nutrition advanced knowledge to share the essential modalities for optimal functioning.

Nathalie listens actively and attentively to the inner physiological force: the “breath of life” and directs the body towards healing.

Having experienced an immense transformation and cured from a chronic illness, Nathalie reveals her passion for health and well being by sharing fluids activation techniques and practices to direct the person towards global health and thus reconnect to their inner temple. She takes advantage of the water/wave movement, a predominant element in the human body, to create space with every inhalation and exhalation. Overflowing with energy, Nathalie has the gift of revitalizing yoga practitioner’s bodies within a few sessions.

Intensely gentle, she carries them in her positive energy whirlwind, guiding them to take root, connect to their body and become aware of their thoughts and emotions as well as the implication on their posture, mood and stress levels. She trains her adherents to follow their breath by exerting a movement with each inspiration and each expiration: the fundamental basis of the art of attention in order to inhabit their body at every moment.

Nathalie Salvas brings a notorious depth in her teachings by accompanying yoga practitioners in a quest process of connection between the body, the mind and the heart resulting in a better comprehension of the physical body, psychic and mental as well as spiritual laws. Artist at heart, Nathalie treats the human body as a whole, the art of sculpting the person to reinforce their flexibility, their strength and their mental and physical balance while respecting their limits.

In search of calm – Yoga & Meditation

Athletic, Nathalie discovers Sivananda yoga in 1996 and Kripalu yoga in 1998. A diligent practice and a holistic health system take place and positively impact her health. In 2000, she makes a more serious commitment to this path. Passionate about dance and body language, she continues exploring the Hatha yoga and the benefits of body feeling with Lyne St-Roch. In 2002, she began her first professorial training with Hart Laser. This latter guides her towards a more serious teaching – the books of Swami Rada Sivananda, Pema Chodron, Sharon Gannon & David Life “Jivamukti”, Iyengar, the Sutra yoga quickly furnish her bedside table – a depth settles and the lessons received resonate differently. After thousands hours of perseverance, the entire practice takes shape and a new way of life sets in. Generous of her time, Nathalie puts the individual at the center – her researcher and analyst nature in medical biology are still felt – her passion for the human being is a vocation. She has been teaching for fifteen years what she integrated with a feeling and a great respect for the lessons received from inspiring instructors like Jill Satterfield, Shiva Rea, Donna Farrhi, Zab Manbougou, Heather M. Yamada, Linda Rabin, Donna Brooks and indirectly Russill Paul, Richard Freeman, Babaji, Alberto Villoldo and BKS Iyengar. Her engagement for teaching both arts of compassion and attention with the practice of Asthanga Vinyasa and B.K.S. Iyengar made her often come back to the source. Comprehensive practice, including curiosity about our nature, is the key – A teacher is a curious and committed student.

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