The insight meditation practice is influenced by the foundations of compassion originating from the Bodhisattva and Bodhicitta (awakening of the mind) path.

The teaching of Samatha, Vipassana and loving kindness meditation develop concentration and inner peace, while being aware of the environment, without denying it, but to get rid of it quickly enough to observe the situation from a new perspective. This allows over-stimulated individuals that we are to focus on what is “stable” within us: the breath, to better cope with the situations that we live and cultivate the art of attention.

The practitioner explores some basics that will work with the available energy and move forward while feeling supported. If necessary, the practice of in depth self compassion (Tonglen) meditation will be considered to better transform the “pain” into compassion. This approach brings a heightened awareness without the haste of action, allowing each individual to breathe a little more and keep smiling at the challenges they face.

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