The practice of asanas or yoga postures is a meditation in motion.  The practice of yoga is taught in the form of hatha, vinyasa, asthanga, yin, Iyengar, inspiration anusara or even regenerative (the adaptation is of necessity depending on the needs) with variations of postures.

The practitioner learns to cultivate a constant meditative approach, an opening, and above all a good body consciousness “total body mind”, while taking care of oneself daily, whether in the car, in a meeting, or at home with the family.  Be first and then do to better balance our lives, our physical, psychic and emotional health. Living in coherence and harmony with who we are, while playing our various social roles, is quite possible and accessible.

Yoga is a very effective tool for people who think a lot. Living in one’s body becomes a bit like our “musical instrument” with which we can play effortlessly.

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