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Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is a gentle technique for listening to the internal physiological force: the “breath of life” to guide the body towards healing.

This is a non-evasive approach that has originated from osteopathy. It allows the body to be reorganized by freeing it from psychosomatic, emotional or stress-generated blockages.

The practinioner comes into contact with the breath of life. She does not repair, but she is a passive witness who lets healing take place from within, outward along every patient’s unique path.

The biodynamic craniosacral therapy restores a range of motions to the restricted joints in their mobility by connecting to the movement of primary breathing, which promotes an optimal state of health for the central nervous system and body organs.


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The insight meditation practice is influenced by the foundations of compassion originating from the Bodhisattva and Bodhicitta (awakening of the mind) path.

The teaching of Samatha, Vipassana and loving kindness meditation develop concentration and inner peace, while being aware of the environment, without denying it, but to get rid of it quickly enough to observe the situation from a new perspective. This allows over-stimulated individuals that we are to focus on what is “stable” within us: the breath, to better cope with the situations that we live and cultivate the art of attention.

The practitioner explores some basics that will work with the available energy and move forward while feeling supported. If necessary, the practice of in depth self compassion (Tonglen) meditation will be considered to better transform the “pain” into compassion. This approach brings a heightened awareness without the haste of action, allowing each individual to breathe a little more and keep smiling at the challenges they face.


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The mentoring package is designed for any individual wishing to benefit from the entire Nathalie Salvas toolbox: whether you need active fluid yoga, meditative regeneration, stress management techniques, biodynamic craniosacral therapy session or simply a piece of advice regarding life situations.

Mentoring provides you with the necessary tools “tips & advice”, as well as complementary resources for achieving overall health; from the inside to the outside.

It’s philosophy is greatly influenced by the foundations of compassion. The session is completely customized to your needs in order to restore a balance between body and mind.

Mentoring is available as a ten-hours bank package, renewable and flexible over time.


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The retreat is a relaxing and inspiring time to take care of oneself while rallying nature, yoga and mindfulness meditation.

The format and theme vary from one retreat to another: a Zen getaway for a weekend up north or a week under the Caribbean sun. At the rendezvous: well-being, softness and lightness.

Let yourself be touched by the turquoise wave, be embraced by the warm sun and be lulled by the freshness of autumn leaves with their flamboyant colors.

We look forward to see you in one of our regenerative and energizing retreats.


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To start each new season, senseyukti offers several workshops among the following:


  • Fluid practice emphasizing hips opening and roots
  • Breath, meditation and pranayamas
  • The hidden face of hatha yoga; the connection established through the practice of yoga “this state of presence”, a meditation in itself
  • Summer solstice “yoga of sound, asanas and meditation” exchange and light taste